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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Child Handprint Ornaments

Submitted by Jessica Davis of Washington 

Child handprint ornaments 1

"Frosty Fingers Handprint Ornament"

I loved doing this ornament with my 3 year old! It's a kid friendly ornament craft that still looks great on the tree and we both had so much fun! I will treasure this ornament for many years to come and remember fun holiday moments with my young son.

Materials needed: 

Large shatterproof ornament balls
White acrylic craft paint
Black acrylic craft paint
Orange acrylic craft paint
Small paint brushes or toothpicks
Wet rags or baby wipes


Generously cover your little one's hand with the white acrylic paint and have them "hold" the ornament. Depending on their age you might need to help them a lot. If it doesn't come out right the first time just wipe the wet paint off and try again!

Once you get a good handprint let it dry completely. Use a small tipped paint brush or a toothpick (I found the toothpick to be easiest) and add a top hat, eyes, and smile to each finger print with black acrylic craft paint and a carrot nose with the orange acrylic craft paint.

Write your child's name and the year across the palm of the hand print. Let it dry completely.

I hope you all enjoy this ornament craft as much my son and I did!

If you're giving this as a gift (grandparents love it) you can attach this poem with a ribbon: 

(Child's name)'s Snowmen

These aren't just 5 snowmen
as anyone can see...
I made them with my hand
which is a part of me.
Now every year at Christmastime
when you deck your halls, 
you can look back and remember
Christmas (year)...
when my hand was just this small.

Merry Christmas! 

(Child's name)

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