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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Ribbon Star

Submitted by R. Emberson of Florida

Ribbon Star of Wonder

"Ribbon Star of Wonder"

Each year, I try to buy or make significant ornaments for a collection for my children. This star was created to remind them of the star that led the Magi to Bethlehem.


1 yard craft ribbon (Mine was 7/8 inch wide but you can use other widths)
a contrasting colored, star-shaped craft bead
yarn for the hanger


Cut your ribbon into 8-pieces, 4 ½ inches long each. (If you plan your cuts carefully, you can combine this with the next step).

Make an angled cut to each end to form slanted end points making each piece look somewhat like an isosceles trapezoid.
Fold/curl the ribbon ends together until they make a raised point at the widest part. (Secure with a paper clip if you can't glue it together right away).

Glue the end points taking care to keep the raised inner points tight. (If there is any overlap on the endpoints, you can trim once the glue has dried).

Lay the curled pieces on something flat and glue them to one another to form an 8 pointed star.

Glue a contrasting colored star shaped craft bead in the center.

Glue yarn on back to make a hanger.

(You will get a different but equally pretty effect with ribbon that is striped or trimmed with lace, in which case you may want to glue a contrasting bead or perhaps a wooden heart in the center.)

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