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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Three Wise Men Egg Cartons

Submitted by Pamela Aylsworth of Georgia

Three Wise Men Egg Carton Ornaments

"Three Wise Men Egg Carton Ornament"

Unbelievable! That's what my friends call the ornaments I make from cartons that hold 18 eggs. They are special because everyone loves miniatures and the materials needed to create these ornaments are inexpensive and often free. They can be made as simply or as extravagantly as you wish. I use mirrors for lakes and ponds, real bark or twigs for tree trunks, moss for greenery, white paint and glitter for snow.

To make the ornament, cut along the black lines as shown in Fig. 2. This will give you the two parts shown in Fig 3. Glue the four feet of the two parts together with white glue, to form an oval hollow shape. For a larger opening simply remove one section.

Egg carton ornaments 2
Fig. 2

Egg carton ornaments 3
Fig. 3

Punch a small hole in one end and thread a length of folded ribbon that has been tied at one end through the hole. This creates a hanger.

Paint the inside with acrylic paint or glue a small picture cut from a magazine for your background.

Create a scene inside using miniatures found in the bridal and baby shower departments of Wal-Mart and at craft stores. Use old jewelry, bits of twigs and bark, pebbles and greenery. Use your imagination! Use hot glue for best results.

Cover the outside with fabric as in Fig. 1 (the main photo at the top), glitter or simply paint it.

Trim with braid, flat back gems and rhinestones, tassels and even old jewelry to embellish the ornament. Be creative!

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