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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Dinosaur Scrapbook Paper Punches

Submitted by Shelly V. of Texas

Dinosaur Scrapbook Paper Punches

"TriSARAtops Ornament"

Named after my daughter, Sara, who's favorite dinosaur is the Triceratops.

This was created out of a tradition in our family to draw names and make an ornament for that person. This year I had injured my arm right before Halloween and wasn't able to complete my original idea due to being one handed. So I pulled out a ton of scrapbook paper punches and some scrap paper, and did this.

For this project I used several paper punches in different designs. (A list of those is below.) What I did was using scraps of paper, I punched out pieces and layered them on top of each other using glue and foam tape to give the 3-D effect shown. It really was pretty easy. You could always make other ornaments using punches, I chose a dinosaur for the dino lover in my house, but you could do wreaths, etc., if you'd like Christmas based ones.

I punched out two circles, two hearts, eight "crowns" and four "swishes curlicues." I took the first circle and glued on two crowns at the bottom edge for toes. I glued a swish to the back so it would look like a tail. Then using chalk I rubbed some on a q-tip and applied to shade the edges of the paper. Then I used foam tape and cut a small piece to stick to the front of this glued together thing. Then I took the second circle and added it on top of the foam tape to make it 3-D. I glued the remaining 6 crown shapes to the top edge of this circle to make the dinosaurs head fringe. I also chalked these pieces and punched a hole to put string in to hang it. Then I applied another piece of foam tape to the top of this piece so the head would be popped off in 3-D. I took two hearts, chalked these and added them to the "pile" and created the head. I drew on eyes/nostrils and then added the three swishes to make the horns of the dinosaur.

I recommend asking friends to borrow punches or visiting a scrapbook store that lets you use their tools rather than buying your own if you are not a scrapper. I had these on hand from previous projects. I used a "Swish curlicue" punch, one that looks like a crown (not sure what it is?), two different sized hearts, and a circle punch.

I'm including a photo of the punches themselves for reference.

Dinosaur Scrapbook Paper Punches 2

Dinosaur Scrapbook Paper Punches 3

Dinosaur Scrapbook Paper Punches 4

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