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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Snowman Floodlight

Submitted by Kristi Gorecki of Florida

Snowman Lightbulb Ornaments 1

"Snowman Floodlight Ornament"

You will need:

1 floodlight bulb
White craft paint
Foam paint brush
Black permanent marker or black paint
Orange permanent marker or red paint
Scrap fabric
12" length of ribbon


Paint the glass of a floodlight with white craft paint and allow to dry.  (I used a foam paintbrush.  I also cut a hole in a cardboard shoebox and pressed the metal end of the bulb into it to act as a holder/drying rack.  I'm sure an egg carton would work great too.)

Once the white paint has dried, turn the bulb with the large part down.  Using a black permanent marker (or black paint on a small paintbrush) draw on two small circles for eyes near the top part (the metal end) of the bulb.  Draw a small circle for a mouth, and a line with a square at the end for the pipe.  (See picture.)

Also draw (with a black permanent marker), the 4 circles that are the snowman's buttons, and 2 arms.

Using an orange permanent marker (or orange paint) draw the snowman's carrot nose.

Allow all paint to dry.

Cut one scrap of fabric to desired length and tie around the "neck" of the snowman, below his mouth, where the lightbulb begins to flare into its floodlight shape.  This is the snowman's scarf.  Tie into a knot.

Cut one piece of ribbon to approximately 12 inch length.  Tie ribbon into a knot around the metal end of the bulb, with the bulb in the center of the ribbon.  Tie loose ends of ribbon together, to form the hanger.

Using ribbon or scrap fabric and a hot glue gun, attach material around the metal end of the bulb to act as the snowman's hat as well as to camouflage the metal and ribbon hanger.

Snowman can be further personalized by painting on eyelashes to make Frosty a "girlfriend", or using stick on google eyes and other 3-d embellishments like real buttons instead of painted circles.

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Copyright © 2007 by Kristi Gorecki. All rights reserved.

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