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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Snowmen Glass Balls

Submitted by Candy M. of North Carolina

Snowmen Glass Ball Ornaments 1

"Snowmen Glass Balls"

These ornaments are so easy to make, using items that are easily available. They are wonderful for children to make as well.


Clear glass ornaments
white acrylic paint
Infant or toddler socks (depending on the size of the ornaments)
black Sharpie marker
assorted small buttons
small jingle bells
hot glue gun


Remove gold hanger from top of ornaments. Put small amount of paint inside ornament. Cover hole and shake until completely covered inside. (You may need to add more paint for complete coverage. Allow to dry - this may take several days.

Replace gold hangers. Place socks onto ornaments to form the "hat". You want the hat lower in the back and higher over the "face." Hot glue hat into place. Tie ribbon over the sock where the gold hanger is (you can feel this through the sock). Include a jingle bell in your knot (or other small charm). This forms the top of the hat. Cut off 1-1.5" off the toe end of the sock. (Leave enough to form tassels). Make the tassels for the "hat" by cutting down the length of the sock. Cut the sock in half vertically, making sure you don't cut past the hanger. Then rotate and cut sock in half the other way, ending up with 4 large pieces. Cut each piece into equal strips, making the tassel. Don't cut the strips too thin or they will break.

Using the Sharpie, draw eyes and mouth, leaving enough room for your button nose. Attach button nose with a dot of hot glue.

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