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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Snowman Measuring Cups

Submitted by Mary Lynn Parson

Snowman Measuring Cups

"Snowman Measuring Cup"

I have enclosed a picture of a snowman face painted on an old tin measuring cup.  A coat of flat white spray paint is my basecoat.  I use the Walmart brand of white flat paint.  For the details, I use Deco-Art acrylic paint found at most craft stores.

I use black paint for eyes, and mouth and eyebrows.   Rosy cheeks are dry brushed on with a soft stencil brush and a soft pink paint.   Highlights are given to eyes and cheeks with white.   The nose is burnt orange, and I highlight that by dry brushing across the top of the nose with white.  A tip is to use the end of your paint brush, dip into a pool of paint, and individually dot the eyes and the mouth.  Allow to dry, then spray lightly with a clear matte sealer spray.

At this point, I apply antiquing with a soft rag, and wipe off with another clean soft rag.  Dry, then spray again with the sealer, this achieves the soft, aged look.  Tie on a homespun tie and hang on your tree!  I have a special tree in the kitchen for all my old utensils turned into snowmen!

What makes him special is the significance of the measuring cup to our cooking throughout the day.  It comes out for every recipe!  What would we do without our measuring cups and spoons.  Yes, I have done measuring spoons this way as well.

Also pictured is a muffin tin, which is done the same way as the measuring cup, only you get to paint 6 different faces to your snowmen. Get out those paintbrushes and enjoy!

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