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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Princess Dress

Submitted by Sarah Campbell in Turkey

Princess Dress Ornament 1

"Princess Dress on a Hanger"

This ornament is special because it represents to me the 4 little princesses I have at home (ages 8,7,6, and 2). It is not your classic Christmas ornament or in traditional Christmas colors, so it makes it stand out as a whimsical, fun ornament.

Supplies Needed:

1. very thin gray or silver florist wire
2. wire cutters or scissors you don't mind using on wire
3. pliers
4. tiny beads (individual, not glued on a string) the color of silver and with a hole big enough to go on the florist wire
5. satin or shimmery fabric  (about 5 inches high and 7 inches wide) (the color is your choice, but I prefer white)
6. iron
4. hot glue gun and sticks
5. 7 inches of lace
6. about 14-16 shimmery sequins
7. beads in hot pink or another color you choose (about 70 of them)
8. 2 1/2 inches of satin ribbon (only 1/4 inch height)
9. silver string to tie it on the tree
10. white thread and needle
11. silver rod-shaped beads (about 48)
12. some type of diamond, jewel, or shiny sequin

*All of these things can be found at Wal-Mart craft section or a craft store like Michael's. You can also choose golds rather than silver and any color dress/beads you like.


1. Cut about 5 inches of the silver florist wire with the wire cutters.
2. String the silver beads onto the wire. One one end (which will be the top hooked part of your mini-hanger), use pliers to curl the end of the wire back up and 'seal it off' so the beads don't come off (see photo).
3. Shape the remaining beaded wire into a mini-hanger, making a hook shape, then a triangle (see photo). When you get to the end, wrap the wire around a few times at the top of the triangle so your beads stay put. At this point, you can put a drop of hot glue to seal it off better.
4. To make the dress, cut 2 dress shapes (a front and back) about 4 inches high and 4 inches across. Cut a simple triangle neck and sleeveless dress (like a v neck t shirt with no sleeves) that flows into an A-line type skirt. Suggestion: sketch this on paper then use your paper as a pattern.
5. Turn each edge of the 2 dress parts in a 1/8 or 1/4 inch and iron it down.
6. Now you can hot glue (carefully! I use toothpicks rather than my fingers to press things down while the glue is drying) to put the pressed down edges together. This will attach the front and back of the dress together. On the V neck and the sleeves, only hot glue your edge down, don't hot glue it to the back dress piece. That way you can slip the hanger in just as you would a shirt in your closet. The only parts that the front and back should be glued together is at the shoulders and the sides. The neck hole, arm holes, and bottom of the dress are open. Only the turned under part is glued down there. Alternatively, you can sew this little dress together easily if you have a sewing machine. Just put right sides together, and sew it up and then turn it out.
7. Glue your 1/4inch ribbon (cut to the correct length to go around the center of the dress) as sash, making sure the ends of the ribbon are in the back rather than the front.
8. Glue lace around the bottom of the dress, making sure the ends meet on a side of the dress and are tucked under to look nicer.
9. Take your pink beads and glue them in a random pattern all around the front and back of the dress. I'd put about 10 on the front and 10 on the back. Hint: squeeze hot glue on cardboard and use a toothpick to get just a tiny drop to put on the dress, then press the bead onto it. This keeps the dress from showing any hot glue.
10. Thread your needle and tie it off. Put silver rod beads and hot pink beads alternatively on your thread. Your sting should be the width of the bottom of the tiny dress...about 8 inches (but check it to your dress). Tie it off at the end.
11. Hot glue this silver/pink bead string to the center of the lace, making sure to put the tied off end on the side where it can't be seen.
12. Hot glue sequins above and below this silver/pink rod/bead string. About 3 above and 4 below on both front and back of dress. Then hot glue a bead in the center of each sequin.
13. You can also repeat step # 11 and put beads/rods over the sash in the center of the dress.
14. You can do a circular pattern of pink beads with the tiny jewel/sequin in the center (see photo). This can all be done with hot glue.
14. Almost done! Put the dress on the hanger and hot glue it so it will stay.
15. Tie a silver string on the top of the hanger.
16. Hang it on your tree, or better yet, let your little princess do it!

*If you prefer to sew, all these beads and sequins can be sewn on as well. I am known as a hot glue queen and I prefer that.

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