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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Cross Stitch

Submitted by Holly of England

Cross Stitch Ornaments 1

"Cross-Stitch Ornaments"

I made all my children and a family friend one of these with different designs for Christmas. I was able to make them meaningful for each person. (The picture is my 9 year old son's, he made his own stocking in school this year so it's a reminder for him of his own handiwork. He was thrilled to get an ornament for his tree when he 'grows up'). Even my 44 yr old brother-in-law requested one for his tree next year! It is now a new tradition and I have already started on next year's gift ornaments.


All bought in sales or off freecycle. Wal-mart, craft shops should have these too. Or use what you have stashed from other projects.

-small cross stitch Christmas kit or pattern and materials from your stash
-a piece of Christmas design fabric or whatever you fancy or have (old men's office/dress shirts are nice to use)
-a length of ribbon (saved off packaging of chocolate or beauty products) or yarn (again using left over from a previous crochet or knitting project)
-stuffing material for cushions or old pantyhose, tissues, or even Christmas potpourri
-thread and needle or hot glue

Step 1:

Buy a small Christmas design cross stitch (about 2 inches or so to your ability and taste) at the sales after Christmas or pick out one of your own from a stash of patterns or get a small pattern off the web if you have the materials. These will use up all those saved pieces of cross stitch thread left over from kits. Follow the instructions for the cross stitch.

Step 2:

Once the design is stitched, cut out a piece of fabric the same size as the cross stitched fabric. Lay the fabrics with designs facing each other (inside out). Pin the ribbon edges at the top of the design (make sure that the loop is between the pieces of fabrics well out of the way of the sewing or glue. OR wait until fabric is fixed together and sew a piece of yarn through the top to make the loop). Sew together at the edges with needle and thread (hand or sewing machine) leaving a gap at the bottom to turn it inside out then stuff it with your stuffing material. Close gap with stitching. personalize it if wanted with permanent pen or tulip paint or stitching (before sewing together!): i.e.- name, year, inscription. You can also use the hot glue gun to seal the edges. Lay the fabrics the same way but put a thin line of glue around the edges leaving a gap like above. Finish by following above just replacing sewing with hot glue. I did this to some ornaments and they are still going strong 20 years later!

Have fun!

P.S. Thanks for the website. I read the newsletters every month and refer back to your website frequently, and recommend it whenever possible! You have so many sensible and thrifty ideas. Thanks again. Bless!

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