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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Teacups

Submitted by Mary Nienhouse

Christmas Teacups

"Christmas Teacups"

Materials needed:

Teacups (various sizes)
Floral foam (craft store)
Tacky glue/epoxy glass glue (craft store)
Your choice of florals


Wash and dry well your teacups.

Cut a piece of floral foam to fit in the base of your cup.  This foam should have some height to it-but not as tall as the cup itself.  I usually have it approximately 1 inch below the rim of the cup.

Glue one end of the floral foam to the inside base of the cup.  You could also glue the saucer onto the cup as well-depending on the size cup.

After glue has dried (look to manufacturing directions for time) begin to place your floral choices into the foam, filling your cup with whatever decorations you choose.  You want to fill the cup so you no longer see the floral foam.

Tie a beautiful color coordinating ribbon on the handle of your teacup.  You may attach a hanger to hook your cup to the tree or I often place the ribbon right on one of my branches!

During the Summer at garage sales, going to second hand stores and Church sales, I am on watch for various size, style, pattern and color teacups.

I also watch for floral arrangements (at the same sources-sales etc.) that I may be able to take apart and use just portions of them.  The Dollar stores are also good sources.

Your options are limitless!  You can take floral wire and wire pinecones, jingle bells even candy canes to put into your cup.  You can sprinkle clear drying glue on the edges of your florals and dust with glitter that will be eye catching with your tree lights!

The great thing about this project is any age can do this and you can very much customize your 'teacup' choice to the recipient.

Thanks for looking at my idea!  I LOVE your e-zine!!!

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