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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Winter Photo Sleds

Submitted by Lynn A. of Connecticut

Winter Photo Sled Ornaments 1

"Winter Photo Sleds"

Here is my family's favorite homemade ornament! We make new ones every year as the kids grow, and it's always fun to see them again as we unpack our decorations each year.

Materials needed:

4 large popsicle sticks (tongue depressors)
4 regular popsicle sticks
White craft glue or glue gun
Photo of sledder
Yarn or raffia to hang
Spray adhesive
Lightweight cardboard
Paint and brushes


1. Photograph your sledder in their snow clothes and boots. Fill the frame to get the largest size you can.

2. Have 4x6 prints made of your sledders.

3. Trim sledder from photo so you are left with a silhouette. (Optional: Use spray adhesive to attach your photo to a lightweight piece of cardboard before trimming to add extra support).

4. Glue the 4 large popsicle sticks together (staggered as shown in photo). We balance them between 2 shoe boxes to prevent the glue from seeping through and sticking to newspaper or work surface. Let dry before handling.

5. Once dry, glue 2 of the small popsicle sticks to make runners on the bottom of the sled (see photo of the underside).

6. Use the remaining small popsicle sticks to make the front support (glue one on top and one on bottom).

7. Once dry, the sled can be painted any color you wish or decorated with glitter and gems. Sometimes we just leave them plain.

8. Attach your sledder to the center of the sled as shown. We make a few small L shaped pieces from lightweight cardboard as a support. Attach one side of the L to the back of your photo, then glue the bottom of the L to your sled.

9. Add raffia or yarn to front bars of sled.

10. Hang and enjoy!

The fun thing about these is they can be as individualized as you like....2 or more sledders....crazy poses (standing/surfing style, face first) funny faces, pets, etc. Have fun with them. Everyone who sees them gets a smile. They also make nice grandparent 'stocking stuffers'.

Winter Photo Sled Ornaments 2

Winter Photo Sled Ornaments 3

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