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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Spindles

Submitted by Glo Penman

Holiday spindle ornaments 1

"Holiday Dressed Plastic Spindles"

I created these ornaments from the spindles found at the end of a roll of paper used at either a small printer or cash register. Also, I used leftover scraps of holiday material, trim, and the cardboard from empty cereal boxes. A small amount of felt is used to cover the ends and sparkly pipe cleaners are used for trim and as part of the hanger.


First cut a 4-inch wide by 4 1/4-inch long piece of cardboard. This is the templet for the material used around the spindle. After the material is cut spread a small amount of tacky glue over the backside of the material and place it on the spindle. Take the part that overlaps the beginning and fold it inside to make a hem. Finish by smoothing out any bubbles.

Trace the bottom of the spindle on a piece of cardboard to make the cover for the ends of the spindle. Two circles are needed for each spindle. Trace the circle over the felt and cut it out. Glue the felt to the circle with tacky glue.

One glued circle is the bottom. I attached a sparkly pompom or a bead to the end. If ribbon is used to decorate I will stick the end between the felt and spindle to hide the end.

If ribbon is used wrap and glue it to the covered spindle. Making sure the run a ring around the top and bottom to cover the edge. This will give the ornament a finished look. If a pompom is used then just glue it to the center of the felt. Glue the felt to the bottom end.

When using the pipe cleaner made a little swirl in the middle gluing along the way. Then run it along the top edge. Make a loop and connect together. Glue on the top circle. Trim off excesses.

If a hanger is needed I twisted a small amount of pipe cleaner in a circle, connected the ends, and glued it to the center.

There it is, another wrapped spindle that was saved from the trash. All that is left is a ornament hook and a space on a branch.

Have a great crafty time!

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