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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Tree Angels

Submitted by Angela Bond of NC

Tree angels 1

"Blessings from Above"

This little angel makes an adorable Christmas tree ornament without spending a lot of money. I enjoy having angels on my tree since angels are creatures of good, spirits of love, and messengers of our savior, Jesus Christ. That is what makes this a special ornament for me.


4-inch tall acrylic tree (from arts & crafts store)
1-inch round wooden bead with 1/2-inch hole
Piece of tulle or small heart doily for wings
Peach/flesh colored acrylic paint
Black dimensional paint
White dimensional paint
Fine point black marker
Pink blush and cotton swab
4 small silk roses
10 inch piece of gold thread for hanger
4 inch length of doll hair
12 inches of 1/4-inch wide red satin ribbon
10 inches of 3/8-inch wide white satin ribbon
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Spanish moss


Using the white dimensional paint, outline the tree boughs and fill in the tree with dots (as pictured).

Use the black dimensional paint to make two black “shoes” on the tree's trunk. Allow to dry.

Paint the ball peach (or flesh color) for the head and allow to dry. Paint on a face using the fine point marker. Apply some blush to her face using the cotton swab.

Tie the gold thread to the hanging tab at top of tree. Insert it through the bead (head) and glue the head securely in place.

Knot the center of the 3/8-inch wide ribbon and glue the ends in back of the tree, behind “shoulders”. This will be her arms.

Pinch the tulle together in the middle and glue to back of tree for wings or use a heart shaped doily for wings.

Glue on the hair, fluff and trim, as necessary. Glue some Spanish moss under her chin and tuck in three silk roses and glue into place. Using the red ribbon, tie a shoestring bow. Glue to the moss.

You can also add a small bow to her hair. I glued on a gold heart button for added decoration, but that is optional.

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