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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Frosted Pinecone Snowman

Submitted by Benetta Strydom

Frosted Pinecone Snowman 1

This Christmas, turn a pine cone into a cute little snowman. This poor fella is cold. Even his mouth and cheeks are blue, so you will have to knit him a nice scarf to try and help him to get warm. Add him to your window sill or mantelpiece, and bring some cheer to your winter décor.


3” high open pine cone
polystyrene ball with a diameter of 45mm
one red pipe cleaner
pair of 10mm wiggle eyes
two 15mm red pom-poms
left-over felt in the following colors: yellow and orange
one yellow colored sewing pin
three blue colored sewing pins
crochet thread in the following two colors: red and green-white
Epsom salt
Heritage Spray-on Contact Glue
Artline 210 Fineliner black pen
cerulean blue felt-tip pen
size 10 knitting needles
standard scissors
standard pliers
wool needle
Pritt liquid project glue

Instructions for making the project:

1. Spray Heritage Contact Glue over the pine cone and sprinkle Epsom salt over the glue while it is still wet. Keep on spraying and adding salt until the whole pine cone has been covered with “snow.”

Frosted Pinecone Snowman 2

2. Use the scissors to make a small opening in the polystyrene ball. Use the Pritt glue to affix the ball to the pine cone’s top scale.

3. Glue the two wiggle eyes in place. Use the pliers to snip the yellow pin shorter and push the pin into the polystyrene ball to make a nose.

4. Now make the ear muffs. First cut the pipe cleaner shorter and bend it. Cut two circles with a diameter of 1” each from the yellow felt and glue these to both inside ends of the shortened pipe cleaner. Cut two smaller circles with a diameter of 0.5” each from the orange felt and glue these to the outside on top of the yellow circles. Glue the small pom-poms on top of the orange circles.

5. Use the Pritt to glue the earmuffs in place.

Frosted Pinecone Snowman 3

6. Use the pliers to snip the blue pins shorter and push the pins into the polystyrene ball to make his mouth. Brrrrr, poor fella, he is cold!

7. Use the blue felt-tip pen to add frozen cheeks and the black pen to add freckles.

8. Now make the snowman’s scarf. Using both crochet threads at the same time, cast on 8 stitches. Knit in plain stitch until the scarf has a length of 8”. Cast off the stitches and add fringes to both ends of the ends of the scarf.  

Frosted Pinecone Snowman 4

9. Drape the scarf around the snowman’s neck.

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