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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Singing Angel Choir

Submitted by Benetta Strydom of South Africa

Singing Angel Choir Ornaments 1

"Miniature Singing Angel Choir"

Make a miniature choir of angels singing about the joy of Christmas. These delicate angels are sure to steal the show. You can use them to decorate tree branches, a mantelpiece, or use this heavenly choir as part of your table decorations for your Christmas Eve dinner.

My friend gave me three small polystyrene balls. She and her daughter have a party planning  business and these polystyrene balls were left over from a function they had in December. I had some leftover cardstock and feathers, so I was able to turn the polystyrene balls into a delicate little angel choir without spending any money.


3 polystyrene balls, each with a diameter of 20mm
A5 sized golden textured cardstock
6 small cream colored poultry feathers
three toothpicks
three teaspoons of sesame seeds
one round white paper doily
2mm wide natural jute ribbon
flesh colored acrylic paint
Artline 210 Fineliner black pen
red felt-tip pen
standard scissors
Pritt liquid project glue
quick-drying craft glue (such as Bostik Clear)

Instructions for making the project:

1. Add Pritt liquid glue to the tip of a toothpick and push the toothpick into one of the polystyrene balls. Do the same with the other two toothpicks and allow to dry thoroughly. Then, paint the polystyrene balls with the flesh paint and allow to dry.

Singing Angel Choir Ornaments 2

2. From the golden cardstock, cut three strips, each sized 3.7” x 2.1”. Roll each strip of golden cardstock into a cone and secure the ends with Bostik. Note: Leave a small opening at the top when rolling the cone, so that the toothpick would be able to fit inside the cone.

3. Use the scissors to trim the bottoms of the cones even so that the cones will be able to stand on a surface.

Singing Angel Choir Ornaments 3

4. Now add the angels’ heads to the cones: Add Pritt liquid glue around the base of each polystyrene ball. Push the toothpick through the opening at the top of the cone and allow to dry.

5. Use Pritt and sesame seeds to make hair for the angels.

6. Cut off the lace part of the doily. Cut the lace part into smaller strips and use Bostik to glue a piece of lace strip around the bottom of each golden cone.

Singing Angel Choir Ornaments 4

7. Glue two feathers to the back of each cone to make the wings.

8. Use the black pen to draw singing mouths and eyes, and the red pen to add rosy cheeks.

9. Make small bows with the jute ribbon and glue a ribbon to each angel. Now your choir is ready to sing Christmas songs!

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