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What's On Sale in August

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

What's on sale in August

Alfresco August Savings
by Nadia Ali

Alfresco (outdoors, in the open air)

It’s August and summer is sizzling inside and outside of the shops as sales heat up. This year retailers hope to score good grades with their back-to-school savings. So, strap on your backpack and head out to the store with your kids. You can expect to find many alluring deals and discounts to help out with what many parents call the most expensive time of the year.

* * *

Summer Lovin' Clothing

Grab a bargain that looks great and feels great as retailers put together their End of Summer and Back-to-School sales with deep discounts to get you to come on in. Pick up beachwear and accessories that will have your friends swooning. Keep an eye out for the announcement of tax saving holidays for extra special savings. Savvy shoppers can hop online to find coupon codes for anything saving 20% and upwards.

Tax Free Days

Yes, you read right. August is the month for tax free shopping. There is not a specific period for everyone, it goes according to the state you live in. Check online for your state's Department of Revenue to see when and if your area is offering a tax free holiday. Bear in mind, the savings apply mostly to clothing, computers, and school supplies.

College Dorm Rooms

Also, with college bound kids heading out to campus that can only mean one thing. You have a lot of stuff to buy to outfit their dorm. The major stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and JC Penny have special 'dorm' promotions to help you buy everything your college kid wants – well almost everything!

Lovely Linens

Do you want to get a new bed-in-a-bag, dazzling duvet cover, a super soft comforter or unique bedspread? Well, this month you're in luck. Retailers will be putting all linens on sale. It’s tied into the needs of college kids but it’s a great time to get new stuff for your home too.


Laptops are now synonymous with back-to-school, so it’s no wonder retailers pile on the packages, bundles and freebies between August and September. You can get some great last year models for discounted prices, specially geared towards students. Bear in mind that you can shop on tax free days for that extra bargain price. Do ensure your child carries their student ID as some discounts are only given upon proof of this.


What would back-to-school be without a decent backpack? August sees drastic reductions as retailers shift sales into high gear. You can look for discounts up to 50% from the big chain stores. Shopping online is also a great place to pick up bargains especially if your child wants brand names. And let’s face it, the backpack now applies to the workforce too, especially for those who commute, so look for those grown-up black and earth tones during this sales period.

Grill It

This is really the peak season for buying barbecue grills. You can check the usual grill stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware as well as the big chain stores.

Enjoy the last month of summer shopping alfresco and make a shopping trip fun for the kids as you join the crowds for the annual back-to-school shopping foray.

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Check out our Annual Sale Calendar for more items that may be on sale this month and throughout the year!

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