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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Sycamore Tree

Submitted by Beth K. of OK

Caroling snowmen 1

"Caroling Snowmen Ornaments"

We have several trees at the daycare I work at that have these brown balls dropping from them. The kids love to play with them, so I decided to use them to make these cute snowman ornaments for my co-workers.


Sycamore tree fruit balls (can be found in nature)
Hot glue or Tacky glue
Acrylic paints: white, black, pink, orange, glitter
Small paint brush
Felt scraps, small bells, small ribbon pieces, pom-poms
Light beading wire (or wire from the hardware store)
Wire cutter


After collecting the fruit balls I gave them a quick wash to clean them off and let them air dry. I then glued two balls together to form the snowman. After the glue dried I painted them with white acrylic paint (1or 2 coats).

After the white paint dried, I used a clear glitter paint to make them sparkle. After that coat of paint was dry, I added the faces and buttons using acrylic paints.

During drying times I cut pieces of felt for hats and scarves, and ribbon pieces for hat trims. I tied the scarves on and glued them in place.

I used pom-poms for ear muffs and cut a small piece of wire for the connector. I added bells or felt holly to some of the hats.

I then glued a ribbon loop onto the back of the hat or head for hanging. To make the hats, I played around with pieces of felt until I found a shape or style I liked. The top hats were a round piece of felt for the bottom and a strip of felt rolled into a tube for the top.

Caroling snowmen 2

Caroling snowmen 3

Caroling snowmen 4

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