4th Annual Frugal Fall Photo Contest


Here are this year's photos and ideas submitted by our members celebrating the fall season joyfully on a budget. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Fall Decorations, Festivals, Foliage, Frugal Fun, and Homemade Halloween Costumes

1st Place

Golden magic show

"Halloween Golden Magic Show"

2nd Place

For better or worse

"For Better or Worse"

3rd Place

Give thanks

"Give Thanks"

Additional Submissions

Walk in the fall

"A Nice Walk in the Fall" (South Carolina)

Autumn up close

"Autumn Up Close" (New York)

Baby owl in nest costume

"Baby Owl in Nest"

Charlotte's web costume

"Charlotte's Web"

Fall reflection side of road

"Fall Reflection Side Road" (Michigan)

Fall water reflection south africa

"Fall Water Reflection" (South Africa)

Fall water reflection Norway Michigan

"Fall Water Reflection" (Michigan)

Floral autumn wreath

"Floral Autumn Wreath"

For the birds

"For the Birds"

Planting a pumpkin patch

"Fresh Air and Family Fun"

Fall crafts for kids pumpkins

"Holiday Pumpkin Decorations"

Love is in the air

"Love is in the Air"

Butterfly costume for kids

"Monarch Butterfly"

New York moonlight

"Moonlight in New York"

Chihuahua pet costume

"Odie the 3 Headed Chihuahua"

Halloween decoration ghost

"Our Dining Room Ghost"

Pumpkin baby costume

"Pumpkin Baby"

Pumpkin decorating for kids

"Pumpkin Decorating"

Pumpkin patch

"Pumpkin Patch Party"

Pi squared costume

"Pumpkin Pi Squared"

Pumpkin soup in Germany

"Pumpkin Soup" (Germany)

Rainy day fall fun

"Rainy Day Fall Fun"

Running bride costume

"Runaway Bride"

Fall decorations farm market

"Small Farm Harvest Market"

Nature's little miracles

"Stop and Give Thanks"

Fall foliage south carolina

"The Herd of Leaves" (South Carolina)

Snyder park springfield ohio

"The Leaves' Glory" (Ohio)

Queen of hearts costume

"The Queen of Hearts"

View out my front door

"The View Out My Front Door" (South Carolina)

Hay bales fun

"Victory of Youth"

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