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5th Annual Frugal Fall Photo Contest

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Here are this year's photo submissions by our members celebrating the fall season joyfully on a budget. Starting this year, we now have TWO prize categories instead of one. Thank you to all who participated!

Category 1: Homemade Halloween Costumes

1st Place

Starbucks coffee costume

Sesame street martians

"Sesame Street Martians"

3rd Place

Dog costumes witch doctor

"Gryphon the Witch Doctor"

Additional Submissions

Angry bird costume

"Angry Birds"

Hershey candy bar costume

"Hershey's Candy Bar"

Christmas gift box costume


Starbucks latte costume

Ty beanie baby costume

Star wars yoda costume

"Star Wars Yoda"

Category 2: Fall Festivals, Foliage, and Frugal Fun

1st Place

International balloon fiesta in new mexico

"International Balloon Fiesta" (New Mexico)

2nd Place

Eating pumpkins fun on the farm

"Fun on the Farm: Eating Pumpkins" (Minnesota)

3rd Place

Illinois corn field

"Illinois Corn"

Additional Submissions

Pumpkin worth a thousand words craft

"Beautiful Ruins in the Fall" (Missouri)

Cheap shot fall pumpkins photo

"Picking Blueberries" (Minnesota)

Pinecone centerpiece craft

"Pumpkin Barrow"

Thanksgiving thankful

The gourd cropper

"The Gourd Cropper"

The last leaves of fall

"The Last Leaves of Fall" (Michigan)

The reason trees lose their leaves

"The Reason Trees Lose Their Leaves" (Nebraska)

Halloween yard decorations

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